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Our roots: Established in 1956 by the Soviet government and privatised in 1992, AKVASERVIS is a specialist trawl designer and manufacturer for commercial fishing vessels of large and medium capacity.

AKVASERVIS produces Pelagic, Semi-Pelagic, Bottom, Modular and Carcass trawls.

Our Mission: To produce excellent engineered trawls and fishing gear using only the best quality materials at competitive prices.

Our People: With over 100 years of combined experience, AKVASERVIS is directed by Viktor Zinčenko (PhD in Trawl Engineering), co-directed by production manager Aleksandr Litvin (PhD in Trawl Engineering) and commanded by company’s President Aleksandr Lobaciov (Former Captain and Fleet owner). Over 70% of the manufacturing staff are ex-fishermen and retired trawl masters.

Company Growth: Over the past decades, AKVASERVIS has experienced a steady and continuous growth. Today, AKVASERVIS is a medium-sized company which operates new and modern fishing-gear workshops. Klaipeda manufacturing site extends over 2000 sq.m. and employs over 45 full time employees. The company also operates manufacturing site in Murmansk, Russia and extensive warehouse facility in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Spain.  

We Listen To You: We constantly receive feedback about our trawls and work closely with ship masters, skippers, trawl masters, captains and fleet managers. We understand our clients’ needs and are quick to adapt to new trawl parameters, new materials and manufacture fishing gear that match specific client requirements and fishing conditions.

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Phone: +370 46 365 363
Fax: +370 46 340 252